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Adipurush In Ayodhya: Diwali, 22 days ago to welcome ‘Adipurush’, Om and Prabhas became emotional seeing Ayodhya’s affection

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‘Siya Ram, I know everything. Karoon Pranam Jori Jug Pani. What Goswami Tulsidas wrote while worshiping Rama in the Balkand of Ramcharitmanas, became a reality in Ram’s Paidi, built on the holy bank of Saryu in Ayodhya on Sunday. The motherhood in the eyes of Arun Govil, who became Ram in Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayana’, became the main reason for the attraction of the audience towards him throughout the serial, while actor Prabhas took the same mothership in the eyes when the land of Ayodhya became the companion of his next film ‘Adipurush’. When the artist saluted Kriti Sanon, the whole of Ayodhya reverberated, ‘Jai Shri Ram! Jai Jai Shri Ram!’ Fireworks went off everywhere. There were fireworks for a long time and it seemed that this time Diwali has come 22 days before in Ayodhya.

Cinema’s new departure point

The film ‘Adipurush’ is a new starting point in Indian cinema. Although India has all the skills skilled technicians, returning from America, but Om Raut, the director of the film ‘Adipurush’, returned from America and took the pledge to rewrite the stories of Indian culture and tell them again through cinema. The new stage is the film ‘Adipurush’. Om Raut, who received the National Film Award for the film ‘Tanhaji the Unsung Warrior’ at the hands of President Draupadi Murmu in Delhi two days ago, described the teaser of the film ‘Adipurush’ released in Ayodhya on Sunday as a new chapter of his relentless sadhana.

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Miniature Mori Charit Avagaha

Om Raut looked very emotional during his meeting with ‘Amar Ujala’ in Ayodhya. When he came on stage in Ram ki Paidi too, his eyes looked bright. As soon as the teaser was seen on the huge screen, he was also enthralled by the zeal and enthusiasm with which the people present chanted ‘Jai Shri Ram’. Om Raut says, ‘Rama won Lanka with the help of his monkey army. My team has also been working relentlessly like Ram’s army. This is the first glimpse of the hard work of this entire group that the world saw with the teaser. The trailer of the film is yet to come and after that on January 12, the whole world will see this story of Ram with a unique prodigy. I have completed my efforts but even Tulsidas ji said, ‘Karan chau raghupati gun gaha’. Laghu Mati Mori Charit Avagaha.’

Prabhas gave three mantras of victory

When Prabhas, playing the character of Lord Ram in the film ‘Adipurush’, also came on stage, first ‘Jai Shri Ram’ was announced. Prabhas, who came on the stage in a white kurta and churidar, lit the lamp barefoot and when it came his turn to speak, his eyes were also filled with happiness. He simply said, ‘While playing the character of Lord Rama, I found his three qualities in such a way that if any man adopts even in today’s age, no power can stop his victory. These three qualities are dedication, humanity and punctuality. Millions of men have been trying to be like Rama for centuries. But he is Purushottam and if we adopt the qualities of his count, then at least we can become good human beings.

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Need blessings of every Ram devotee

Kriti Sanon is playing the character of Sita in the film ‘Adipurush’. She says, ‘Since childhood, we have heard this story in Ramlilas and Ramkathas. But, I never thought that one day I would get a chance to play the most important character of this Ram Katha. This story has been told in a new way in a new era and has been told so that the new generation of new age new cinema lovers can also watch it live according to their aspirations. I hope that every audience who has reverence for the story of Ram will definitely come to see it in theatres. We need the blessings of every Ram devotee in the world for this film.


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