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Pooja said, I fell in love with Shakib but…!

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Published: 03 October 2022, 13:11 | Update : 03 October 2022, 13:22

Dhakai film’s top hero Shakib Khan and rising actress Pooja Cheri are buzzing with rumors of love. In the meantime, the US visa of this heroine has added fuel to the fire. The critics sat down to match two by two. Pooja was a bit annoyed by this. He deleted the US visa post from Facebook.

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He also opened his mouth about rumors of love with Shakib Khan. The actress told the media in a tone mixed with a bit of shame and anger, ‘Every time I have worked with someone, there have been rumors that I am in love with him. I acted in romantic scenes on screen with Siam, Adrit. Many have called it a real thrill. I also heard that I tried to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills on Siam’s wedding day! But is this true? It’s not like that, I’ve done a lot of work, I don’t have a career now. So love, I will leave after getting married.’

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Are you really in love with Shakib? Pooja replied in a somewhat diplomatic language, ‘I will not lie, I made love with him; That is for the character, for the movie.’

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Asking questions, he said, ‘I am in love with Shakib Khan, has anyone seen? Has anyone seen me and Shakib Khan eating together in a restaurant or walking holding hands?’

If there really is no relationship, then who is talking about this? Why rote? According to Pooja, ‘Look, I worked with a production company for four and a half years. These rumors are being spread about me since I left that institution. keep doing I won’t say anything more now. I will open my mouth when my patience is exceeded.’

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Not only that, Bubli was involved in a scuffle with Pooja at Shakib’s house as well. After that incident, Shakib-Bubli’s relationship further deteriorated. However, the truth of these rumors could not be confirmed.

Pooja said, “These are utter lies.” They have no basis, no evidence.

Pooja claims to have met actress Bubli only twice so far.

The heroine said, ‘I have also heard this rumour. I was surprised to hear. Where did this news come out! Extreme lies. I met Bubli at two award shows. It happened in a show. Just hi, hello – that’s all. Those who are saying these things, give me proof that we had a fight at Shakib Khan’s house. There was no such fight, no ganjam. If I lie, my career will be ruined, I will be ruined. It’s spreading so badly, and people are believing it.’

For now, the heroine is busy with worship. Pooja said that she used to go to Khulna when she was a child, but now she stays in Dhaka for her puja. This year, even in the puja, the puja is not at ease.

It is to be noted that Pooja is scheduled to fly to the United States to participate in the ‘Dhollywood Film and Music Awards’ ceremony to be held in New York on October 13. Shakib was also supposed to participate in the event. But it is heard that this hero will not go to USA for now.


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