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Tuesday Fitness: Young stars are pale in front of the fitness of handsome hunk Hrithik Roshan, this is the secret of perfect body at the age of 48

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Everyone is convinced of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan’s dance, acting and fitness. The actor is one of the fittest actors in the industry and works hard to keep himself fit. Even at the age of 48, the actor beats everyone with his fitness. At the same time, he keeps sharing his fitness tips with his fans through social media. Hrithik is an inspiration to his fans and in such a situation, he also wants to know the fitness secret of the actor. So let’s tell you the fitness secret of the actor, by following which you too can be fit.

It’s a fitness secret

Hrithik Roshan is making headlines these days for his film ‘Vikram Vedha’. At the same time, actors work very hard on their bodies in every film. For the actor’s muscular physique, his fitness trainer pays a lot of attention to his diet and workouts. The actor’s dedication and motivation for fitness is his secret. Apart from this, he pays a lot of attention to his diet and whenever he goes out, his cook also goes with him. The cook gives food according to his diet and he also stays away from parties.

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Follow these workout routines

Hrithik Roshan first warms up for one to one and a half hours, as much time as one’s full workout session, the same actor spends only in warming up his body. By doing this warm-up, the chances of injury are very less and mobility also increases. After doing warmups and workouts for about two and a half hours, he does stretching. During weight training in the evening, he focuses on his two body parts.

diet keeps changing

According to reports, Hrithik Roshan’s diet varies according to the character of his films. During an interview with the actor’s fitness trainer, the ‘Vikram Vedha’ star is currently following a normal diet and for a muscular body he follows a high protein and high carb diet.

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Follow this diet

Hrithik Roshan takes two multigrain toasts and an avocado with 8 eggs for breakfast. In lunch, he takes brown rice, chicken and salad. At the same time, in snacks, he takes nuts and protein shake as a pre-workout and post-workout meal. He does not consume carbs in dinner. He eats egg white, chicken, salad, mutton and fish.


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