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Vinod Khanna turned hero from villain, then retired from fame; Something like this was the journey of a film hero

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Vinod Khanna is the star of the Hindi film industry who does not need any recognition. Born on 6 October 1946 in Peshawar, Pakistan, Vinod Khanna has given more than one hit films in his career. Vinod Khane, who belonged to a normal family, acted in about 150 films and made a special place for himself in the hearts of people on the strength of his brilliant acting. Even though the actor is no more with us today, he will always be present in the memories of his loved ones. At the same time, today on the occasion of the actor’s birthday, we are going to tell you some things related to his life.

Vinod Khanna’s father had a business of making clothes and chemicals. After partition, his family moved from Peshawar to Mumbai, where he did his schooling. But after this he moved to Delhi with his family in 1957 and completed the rest of his studies in Delhi. After three years he again moved to Mumbai and started going to theater during college. But it is said that Vinod Khanna wanted to become a cricketer and did not dream of becoming an actor. When he decided to become an actor, his mother told him that if he did not succeed in two years, he would take over his father’s business.

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After this Vinod Khanna made his Bollywood debut in 1968 with ‘Mann Ka Meet’ and appeared as a villain. After this film, he appeared in the role of villain in many films like ‘Aan Milo Sajna’, ‘Purab Aur Paschim’, ‘Mera Gaon Mera Desh’, ‘Sachcha Jhootha’ and ‘Mastana’. In 1971, Vinod Khanna appeared as a lead actor in ‘Hum Tum Aur Woh’. After this he worked his magic in many films and got married to Geetanjali. Vinod Khanna met Geetanjali during the theater. Both had two children Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Khanna.

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Amitabh Bachchan was at the height of his career during the 70-80s and Vinod Khanna was considered to be an actor to compete with. Vinod Khanna was successful in every way, but he felt a void in his life. He had everything, wealth, fame, family, but also the restlessness of knowing himself. At the same time, he was completely broken by the death of his mother. In such a situation, suddenly he decided to leave fame behind and retire and went to the ashram of spiritual master Osho in America. There he cleaned the gardener and toilets and lived in the ashram for five years. When he returned to India, he got divorced from Geetanjali and he married Kavita for the second time in 1990. The two had a daughter and a son.

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Vinod Khanna died due to blood cancer. The actor kept his illness a secret from his family for a long time. He was diagnosed with blood cancer six years ago, but he could not do anything to cure it. According to the reports, the actor’s daughter was undergoing examination, due to which she did not inform anyone about it. He underwent treatment in Germany for six years and also underwent surgery. But he could not be saved and died on 27 April 2017.

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