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Adipurush Teaser: YouTube blast of ‘Adipurush’ teaser, made this record for most views in 24 hours

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Some liked the teaser of the film ‘Adipurush’, which was released in Ayodhya on October 2, while some were bad, but everyone saw it. And, this curiosity about the teaser in the audience across the country has set a new record for its views on YouTube alone. The views of the teaser have crossed 100 million and they are increasing continuously. Meanwhile, amidst various comments on social media regarding the teaser, the director of the film Om Raut showed the 3D teaser of the film to the media in Mumbai and made it clear that he has made this film for the 3D experience and its real pleasure is on mobile. cannot be taken.

Adipurush Teaser: Om Raut, furious over the criticism of the teaser, said, ‘film not made for mobile’
Will KGF 2 break the record?

These days, before the box office performance of any film, people’s eyes are also on the YouTube performance of its teaser and trailer. The teaser of the film ‘Adipurush’ has raised the trade expectations regarding the opening of the film by crossing the mark of 100 million views in just 24 hours. It has been discussed that due to the hype that has been created among the audience about the film, this film can break the opening record of ‘KGF 2’ on the very first day. The teaser of the film has been liked by the youth, but a certain section of the audience is also trolling it a lot by finding comparisons with the scenes from Hollywood films.

Adipurush Teaser: Broken rules of Ramlala temple for ‘Adipurush’, concern in Sangh due to teaser protest on social media

teaser came on three youtube channels

The teaser of the multilingual film ‘Adipurush’ has not only been released in different languages, but has also been released on the channels of different companies involved in its makers. Apart from the film’s producer company T-Series, this teaser has also been released on YouTube channels of Lahiri Music, which is going to release its music in South India and UV Creations involved in the production of the film. Saif Ali Khan’s casting and costumes are considered the weakest link of the film, but there is no film audience who is not talking about the teaser of the film ‘Adipurush’ for the past two days.

Adipurush In Ayodhya: Diwali before Dussehra to welcome Adi Purush

youtube channel stats of t series

Here are the views and likes of the teaser of the film ‘Adipurush’ on T-Series channel of YouTube:

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Language likes Views
Hindi1.09 million 69 million
telugu 3290009.2 million
Tamil 550008.1 million
Malayalam 34000 5.99 million
Kannada210003.2 million

Figures of wavy and UV creations

Here are the views and likes of the teaser of the film ‘Adipurush’ on Lahiri Music and UV Creations channels of YouTube:

Language likes Views
telugu3020004.2 million
Tamil 220000.2 million
Malayalam13000 0.1 million
Kannada320000.2 million
UV Creations
telugu64000 0.7 million


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