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Banaras Movie: Question asked on ‘religion’ to surround the new hero, read what the disciple of Anupam Kher gave the answer!

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Watching a movie in Islam or working in a movie are both haram. You are going to be a hero in films despite being a Muslim, what do you have to say about it?’ This is a question that first-time film-going hero Zaid Khan was asked at the trailer launch of his film ‘Banaras’. Zaid Khan is a trained artist. Had there been any other actor, hearing such a question would have looked sideways. But, after Zaid heard the question with a smile and answered it while maintaining the same smile on his face, the whole hall erupted in applause. The occasion was the trailer launch of the Kannada film ‘Banaras’ and during this time, besides Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi trailers of the film were also shown in front of journalists who reached Bangalore from all over the country.

Kannada film shot in Banaras

The aesthetic sense of Varanasi city has been the center of attraction of cinema since the beginning. This city has been shown many times in Hindi cinema. But, for the first time, the chance to see the full story of a Kannada film based on this city is being seen. The film ‘Banaras’, which is going to be released in five major languages ​​of the country on the first Friday of November, is originally made in Kannada. The film by noted director Jayatirth marks the rise of a new star named Zaid Khan on the big screen and saw several stars from Kannada, Telugu and Hindi cinema at the trailer launch of the film.

Old Banaras will be seen in ‘Banaras’

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Director Jaytirth says, ‘The film ‘Banaras’ is the last such film in which the buildings and old temples around the Kashi Vishwanath temple have been shot for the last time for the screen. Soon after the shooting of our film, the work of building the corridor started there and now those old buildings of Varanasi can be seen only in this film. Kashi is the soul of our film and this story is about a young man traveling in time. The film ‘Banaras’ is also the first South Indian film, 80 percent of which was shot in Uttar Pradesh. This film is in a way the confluence of Kaveri with Ganga.

Decided to do the first film in mother tongue

Zaid Khan, who is going to debut with the film ‘Banaras’, has spent a lot of time in Mumbai. He also took acting training from Anupam Kher’s acting school and during this time he also got many offers for Hindi cinema. Zaid Khan says, ‘I have equal rights over Hindi and English languages. But, I will do the first film of my acting career in my mother tongue Kannada, I had made this decision on the very first day of joining this field. We have dubbed the film in other languages ​​as well, but to pay off the debt of the soil in which I grew up, I made my first film in Kannada. I am overwhelmed by the love Kannada cinema is receiving in Hindi-speaking regions. I hope our film ‘Banaras’ will also get the same love in Hindi speaking regions.’

artist has no religion

Zaid Khan along with the film’s actress Sonal Monteiro smiled and answered dozens of questions asked during this time, but the toughest question he was asked came from a Kannada journalist. He was asked, ‘Watching movies in Islam or working in movies are both haram. You are going to be a hero in films despite being a Muslim, what do you have to say about it?’ Hearing the question, there was silence in the whole hall and everyone started thinking that what would a rising star give the answer to such a question. But, Zaid took the mic and replied simply, ‘An artist has neither any religion nor any caste. He was just an artist. Zaid’s reply won the hearts of everyone present in the hall for the trailer launch and the entire hall roared with applause for a long time.

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