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Bhojpuri: These villains of Bhojpuri are more dangerous than the villains of Bollywood, they do not forget their hooliganism on the screen.

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The story of the film always revolves on two axis. The hero is on one side and the villain on the other. In movies, the character of the villain is as important as the hero. The more powerful the villain, the greater the thrill among the audience. Many actors in Bollywood like Amrish Puri, Sunil Grover, Danny, Prem Chopra and Amjad Khan have been famous for their negative roles in films. The people of the 90s would not have forgotten these actors till now. Similarly, in every film industry, there are many such faces playing the role of villains, which if you forget seeing them on the screen, you will not feel scared and scared at the same time. In the Bhojpuri film industry too, there are many such stars on screen whose hooliganism is seen by the audience. So let’s know about some such Bhojpuri actors today.

Awadhesh Mishra

Awadhesh Mishra has no match in playing the villain. His villainy on screen gets the audience excited in front of the screen. Strong negative role is his special identity. In many films, he even overshadows the hero. In recent times, Avdhesh Mishra is also seen in films of family and hero characters. However, positive roles do not mean at all that the intimidation of their villainy should be forgotten.

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Sushil Singh

Sushil Singh is considered to be the most popular villain of Bhojpuri industry. He has played the character of Villain in many superhit Bhojpuri films. His villainy speaks volumes on the screen. Due to his stature, Sushil Singh suits these characters very well. His eyes are filled with the right amount. When he fills his eyes with anger on the screen, those watching him get scared.

Prem Dubey

Prem Dubey’s name is Prem but his villainy in the film is embers. Wide stature Prem may look cute but on screen he breathes life into the character of Villain.

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Karan Pandey

Karan Pandey is also known for his acting in Bhojpuri film industry. He looks very dangerous in the role of villain. On screen, he gives equal competition to the actors.


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