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Bold Scenes: Do actresses really do intimate scenes in movies? How is their shooting done, know here

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Be it a Bollywood film or a web series, all these are incomplete without bold scenes. OTT has changed the very definition of boldness. Web series and films are full of bold scenes and romance. The audience also likes to watch them nowadays, so the directors include these things in the films keeping in mind the choice of the people. If there is an intimate scene in any Bollywood film, then the audience automatically gets attracted. Especially since the era of OTT and web series has come, since then this openness has increased even more. These days, instead of working on the story line, all the focus of the directors is on shooting intimate scenes so that people like the film more and more. It is common to have some intimate scenes and abuses in almost every web series, but filming such scenes is not easy. For this, from the director to all the crew members, a lot of papad has to be made. Not only this, they are not even filmed in the way they appear on the screen. So let us tell you in this report how bold scenes are filmed.

In today’s era, having a kissing scene in any film or web series is not a big deal. All the stars consider the kissing scene to be normal and the audience has come to consider them to be worth the money. You must have also seen kissing scenes in almost every film and when the film is of Emraan Hashmi, the film is not complete without a kiss in it. But the question arises that how these scenes are shot in the film. People are also very excited to know about it. How actresses easily give kissing scenes in front of directors and crew members, so let’s know how these scenes are shot.

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body double is used

Film directors always have a plan B ready for these scenes. If the hero or heroine refuses to do such a scene, then the director uses a body double for it. In such a situation, these scenes are filmed in a different way, giving value to both the demand of the story and the talk of the hero or heroine. Along with this, there is another way, a glass is put between the two. In which both of them kiss the mirror, which makes it seem that they are kissing each other. In this way, such scenes are depicted using such experiments in many other films.

Illusion is created

If an actor or actress refuses to do bold scenes, then the crew has to create an illusion i.e. work with beauty shots. Some such technique of cinematography has to be used, which makes the audience feel that a lot has happened without anything happening. Beauty shots do not mean makeup in the language of shooting. This means hugging, kissing, holding hands or keeping the camera angle in such a way that the body parts can be covered. These are all cinematography techniques, which require cinematographers. Satin bedsheets are used on the bed and only the illusion is created by covering it.

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director takes chroma shots

If any actor or actress feels uncomfortable in doing such scenes, then the director takes chroma shorts. Chroma is a blue or green cover that is later removed. For example, if the actor and actress have objections to the kissing scene, then vegetables like gourd or pumpkin are kept between them. Being a green color, gourd acts as chroma. The two kiss the gourd and it is banished during post production.


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