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Celebs Troll: Anjali’s overacting, Shehnaaz’s love for MeToo accused; Read why celebs got trolled this week

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Stars dominate the Bollywood industry due to their personal and professional life. Fans want to know every little thing about their favorite artists and celebs also tell small things related to their life to their fans through social media. But in the midst of all this, there are times when social media users do not like some things or actions of the actors associated with the film world and due to this they become victims of trolling. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about the celebs who have been the target of people this week.

Anjali Arora

The first name in this list is that of Anjali Arora, who has been on the target of people since the MMS scandal. Anjali Arora is seen getting ready in her latest video. During this, she is also telling fans about her new video. In this, she can be seen posing in a red colored deep neck crop top. However, some people did not like this video of Anjali and for this reason started trolling her.

Sonu Sood

Recently, a video of Sonu Sood surfaced on social media, in which he was seen sleeping at the station. In this video, he also drinks water from the tap at the railway station and is seen saying, ‘Boss ye jo paani hai na, no distillery or mineral water in the world can compete with it. Absolutely super healthy. Some people did not like this thing of Sonu Sood, after which he was trolled. A user tweeted on the video and wrote, ‘Means anything.’ The other said- ‘Pani will get salty sir’. Some people have also commented that ‘But sir there are many problems for common man.’

Sonu Sood: Sonu Sood was seen traveling in a local train, trolled for telling the station water to be mineral water

Shahnaz Gill

Bollywood’s famous producer-director Sajid Khan entered the Bigg Boss 16 house on Saturday night. During this, Shahnaz Gill was seen supporting Sajid Khan. On doing this, the fans got angry on Shahnaz Gill and they even called him a sycophant on social media. This support of his fans could not be digested, for which he also had to bear the brunt of it on social media.

Bigg Boss 16: Shahnaz Gill trolled for supporting Sajid Khan, people said- Fakenaaz


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