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Dipika Chikhlia: Before becoming the wife of a terrorist, people were furious at these antics of Dipika Chikhlia, they were reprimanded

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Deepika Chikhaliya, who became famous from house to house by playing the role of Sita Maa in Ramanand Sagar’s hit serial ‘Ramayana’, is in a lot of discussion these days. In the recently released film ‘Ghalib’, Deepika has played the role of terrorist Afzal Guru’s wife, after which the actress is getting a lot of criticism. On social media, users are telling the truth about Deepika. However, this is not the first time that Deepika has come under the target of people. Let us tell you the old controversies of the actress.

Pakistani PMO had to be tagged heavily

Like all the celebs, Deepika Chikhaliya also made a post on the occasion of Independence Day. But in this he made a mistake. Instead of tagging the office of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the actress had tagged the PMO of Pakistan on her Independence Day congratulatory post. Because of this, people reprimanded him fiercely. However, the actress has deleted this post.

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Controversy over picture of school uniform

Deepika Chikhaliya had shared some of her pictures some time back, due to which she was trolled a lot. In these pictures, the actress was seen partying with her friends. However, the look of the actress was quite different. Dipika Chikhlia was wearing a white shirt, skirt, tie and shoes. His friends had a similar look. Fans did not like this avatar of Deepika Chikhaliya, after which she was trolled a lot. Dipika Chikhlia immediately deleted this picture of her.

ruckus over picture of wine in hand

Dipika Chikhlia shared another picture after partying with her friends, in which she was standing wearing a school uniform with a glass of drink in her hand. After playing the role of Sita in ‘Ramayana’, the image of the actress has become ‘Sita’ in people’s mind. In such a situation, as soon as he came in front of this picture, he was told a lot of lies. Giving clarification on this controversy, Deepika had told people that there was no wine or liquor in the glass.

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Had to delete photos

Deepika Chikhaliya deleted the pictures of her party after being trolled. However, people did not stop trolling him even after this, after which he expressed grief and said that people neither consider him as a human being nor an actor. She is still ‘Sita’ in the minds of people.


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