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I didn’t care about anyone: Faria

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Published: 05 October 2022, 14:53

Shabnam Faria is the popular face of the drama. He won the hearts of the audience with his glamor and acting skills. Once again, he continues to draw criticism about his personal life.

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Shabnam, who is very tight-lipped, is often in discussions on social media with various posts. Some of his posts are also trolled.

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But Shabnam has settled down a bit recently.

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At one time, he did not care much about who thought what, who said what. Lived, thought and acted as he did.

The actress admitted it by posting on Facebook. He writes – ‘There was a time, I didn’t care about anyone, what anyone said about me, what anyone thought, I didn’t care.’

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But recently, Shabnam realized that something has changed inside her. The ‘Devi’ actress said, ‘It was not too long ago, I used to write down whatever came to mind. I would say! In fact, I used to feel very light inside. There was no feeling of walking around with a stone in the chest. Probably better to have some stones in the chest.’

He also writes, ‘It feels good not to be able to scream even if I want to. It’s probably better not to let out a sound, even if you want to scream at the top of your lungs. ‘

In his words, “Rather than asking for the judgment of many things, it may be better to look to the sky and ask for the judgment of nature.”

It should be noted that last month, Shabnam Faria starrer drama ‘Hotel Niribili’ aired. In this he paired with Mushfiq and Farhan. This beauty came to the discussion after doing Devi movie. The audience finds him differently in this movie.


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