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“If you don’t find the answer to why Aya Hall is from Phuljhuri singer, think if Alif is watching Laila, then there will be no mistake in finding similarities with the reality” – Some of the netizens are claiming to be ganjakhuri in Dhulokana’s new track!

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Star Jalsa’s popular serial ‘Dhulokana’. In this series, Phuljhuri was once a maid of a house, then it is known that she is the daughter of a member of that house. Then Phuljhuri becomes a very big singer and in future she marries a person named Lalan. After that, it is seen in Dhulo Kona series that after marrying Lalan, when she went out with Lalan, Chandreyi joined hands with Srirupa and killed Lalan. (Although viewers are shown that Lalan is still alive and in a hospital)

Later in the series, Phuljhuri, who was a famous singer with her own car, suddenly goes to a hospital to work as a nanny. After watching this scene, the viewers are really crazy, they say it is a ganjakhuri serial, there is no explanation for this serial. Why is a big singer just going to be a nanny? Since Lalon is admitted to that hospital, a section of netizens are claiming that such a baseless story is being written only to match the hero and heroine in terms of the story.

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However, Dhulokana fans claim that a series cannot be judged by only seeing a few promos of a series without looking at it in detail. A fan wrote on social media, “
A new trend has started online, Phuljhuri became such a big singer, why did Aya go to work???

Hmm, really interesting. First of all, if I say that it is a serial, everything will not be like reality. There will be too much drama. Otherwise, fictional writing would not have appeared in the beginning.

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Secondly, watching all the episodes, such questions would never have arisen in anyone’s mind. Let me clarify a little?

Everyone in Phul’s in-laws were angry with Phul. They kept blaming him for Lalan’s death. They wouldn’t let him stay in the house. But Phul did not consider the situation and wanted to take Lalan’s place. If there is no Lalan, what happened, he wants to stay in this house as Lalan. Many requests. After the decision is that if we stay in this house, we will not be allowed to sing. We will not practice the song that made us destitute. Phul agrees to this condition.

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Besides, Phul and Lalan used to sing duets. Phul without Lalan also does not want to share the stage. But Phul has to do something to run the family. So she immediately went to do the work that she got.

Now Phule’s father’s house is a big man. Phule wants her father-in-law’s family to run with the money of her father’s house. If Lalan was alive, she would not have allowed it to happen in her life. Also, Phule’s father’s house had objections about this nanny’s work. They wanted Phule to study and do something big.

But who was watching Lalon’s old parents at that time? Flower said you tried so hard on me, I couldn’t keep your face. Forgive me. I want to cling to Lalon’s family for the few days I have. If I am inside a manual labor job, I can forget everything. .

I will find my happiness in serving people.

So where is the mistake here? Those who do not understand the story without seeing it and talk about it, let them go for lack of proper understanding.”

But this statement is opposed by a group of people, in their words, then you are saying that if you want to watch any serial, you have to think that you are watching Alif Laila. That which is only in imagination has nothing to do with reality. If you watch serials with this idea, you will feel that you are watching everything properly.


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