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Kartik Aaryan: Kartik Aaryan won the hearts of the fans again, traveled in economy class, got a grand welcome

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There is no dearth of fans of actor Kartik Aaryan. He has a tremendous fan following from social media to real life. Wherever he goes these days, fans shower love on him. The reason behind this is not only the actor’s acting, but also because of his behavior, he remains the favorite of the fans. Once again Karthik Aryan was seen touching the hearts of the fans. Actually, Karthik was recently spotted traveling in economy class on the flight. During this, other passengers gave a warm welcome to Karthik.

A video of Karthik Aryan is becoming tremendously viral on social media. In this, Kartik can be seen traveling in economy class. The happiness on the faces of the co-travellers is worth seeing on seeing Kartik among them. Everyone is not tired of praising Karthik. Karthik also respected the fans a lot. He gave a lot of poses to the fans who wanted to take pictures. One after the other everyone started clicking photos and taking videos with their favorite actors. According to reports, this video of Karthik was done while going to Jodhpur.

Let us tell you that this video has been shared from a paparazzi’s Instagram account. It can be seen in the video that all the passengers are surprised to find Karthik Aryan suddenly in their midst in the flight. After this everyone started clapping to welcome Karthik and there was thunderous applause in the entire flight. After this, all the passengers started clicking the actor’s photo from their mobiles. On this, Karthik Aryan stood up from his seat and posed for everyone in a very spectacular style. His simplicity won everyone’s heart.

According to reports, Karthik had said during a conversation that even after having such a luxury life, he still travels in economy class. He had said, ‘After achieving a position people stop doing it, but I didn’t. I have some dreams. I wanted to buy a lamborghini and bought it with my earnings. I also wanted to become an actor and I have fulfilled my dream too. Karthik said that dreams are bigger than this. He travels in economy but also believes that private jets should also come.


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