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KRK on Brahmastra: KRK gave an update on Brahmastra review, tweeted and said- Karan Johar, like everyone else…

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KRK aka Kamal R Khan has tweeted while releasing the update on ‘Brahmastra Review’. Let us tell you that ever since KRK has come out of jail, everyone is commenting on his post and demanding to issue a review on Brahmastra. But, after getting bail, the attitude of Kamal R Khan is showing something different. The first tweet he made as soon as he came out of jail was ‘I am back for revenge’. Soon it went viral. But after a few hours of this tweet, KRK’s sharp attitude turned cold and he deleted his tweet.

Not only this, KRK termed the incident as fate and tweeted, “Many people are saying that “Karan Johar was behind my arrest. No, that’s not true. Karan Johar, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar etc. have nothing to do with my arrest.” People were surprised to see this changed KRK and commented and asked KRK to post the review of Brahmastra without fear. started demanding.

This is the reason why KRK has issued an update on the review of ‘Brahmastra’ by tweeting on Friday morning. KRK wrote, “I didn’t review the film Brahmastra, yet people didn’t go to the theater to watch it. So it turned out to be a flop film. Hope Karan Johri doesn’t blame me for the film’s failure as many do. Other Bollywood people did.”

This tweet of KRK is going viral on social media. People are commenting and saying in support of KRK. One user wrote, “Bhai Hum Sab Tere Saath Hain, Tu Darr Kyun Raha hai, keep reviewing the film otherwise we will feel that we supported the wrong person and yes, stay away from Bollywood gangs.” Another user wrote, “KRK bhai please post daily videos like before… bro I’m not enjoying your videos at all, so please bhai, entertain us. Brother, I wait everyday for your video to come. But it doesn’t come. Don’t know what magic you have done on us. Please brother come in the same form as before.”


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