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Manoj Muntashir: The book of two rupees changed the life of Manoj Muntashir, this is how the pen became ‘Bahubali’

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Manoj Muntashir! This name needs no introduction today. Manoj Muntashir, known for songs like ‘Teri Mitti’, ‘Teri Galliyan’, ‘Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyaar Karega’, is a well-known lyricist, dialogue writer and poet of Bollywood. Manoj Muntashir is in the news today because he is getting the National Film Award. Yes, President Draupadi Murmu is going to distribute the National Film Awards in Delhi on Friday, 30 September 2022, in which Manoj Muntashir is going to get the Best Lyrics Award for the film ‘Saina’. Let’s know about Manoj Muntashir…

Name changed like this

Manoj Muntashir was born on 27 February 1976 in Gauriganj, Amethi, UP. The parents named the son Manoj Shukla. Manoj Shukla always dreamed big. Manoj Muntashir’s father was a farmer and mother was a primary teacher. Mother’s salary was only Rs 500, but she taught Manoj in the convent. Manoj Muntashir was fond of writing since childhood. I read the book Diwan-e-Ghalib when I was in class VII or VIII, but did not know Urdu, so it was difficult to understand that book. To write a song, it was necessary to know Urdu. He belonged to a Pandit family and it was difficult to learn Urdu. Then one day I bought an Urdu book for two rupees from under the mosque, in which Urdu was written along with Hindi. After this Manoj Shukla became Manoj Muntashir forever. When Manoj Muntashir’s father first came to know that his beloved son had changed his name, everyone was sad. But when Manoj Muntashir himself decided that he had to write songs in films, his father himself could not change his decision.

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Brought 700 rupees to Mumbai

Manoj Muntashir had to struggle a lot to reach Mumbai from Amethi and establish his name here. During a conversation, he had told, ‘I come from Amethi. My father is a Brahmin and a farmer. They do farming for 6 months in a year and do havan-marriage for 6 months. He had never heard the word Muntashir in his life. When I told him that I am changing my surname to Muntashir, he said what do I want? I said Rs.300, get a train ticket to Mumbai and fulfill my dream of becoming a writer. He gave me 700 rupees. He was sure that I would fail and come back. But, today I have my own house in Mumbai.

many nights spent on the sidewalk

Please tell that Manoj Muntashir also worked in Allahabad Akashvani in the year 1997, where he got his first salary of Rs 135. But, the dream was to become a writer. He wrote the bhajan for Anoop Jalota in 1999 and got 3000 rupees for the first time. Manoj, who spent several nights on the pavement in Mumbai, wrote the lyrics for Kaun Banega Crorepati in 2005. In a conversation, Manoj Muntashir had said, ‘A Star TV official had seen my work, one day he called me and asked if you would meet Amitabh Bachchan. Those were my struggling days, so I thought I was joking. Then he took me to a hotel, where I met Amitabh Bachchan. Let us tell you that after this he wrote songs for KBC. Manoj Muntashir also wrote dialogues for Prabhas’s ‘Bahubali’. Manoj Muntashir’s dialogues written for this film like- ‘Someone has put hands on Devasena to understand the sword of Bahubali’ and ‘Do not cut the hand of the one who puts his hand on a woman, he cuts her throat’. Manoj Muntashir has written songs for films like ‘Kesari’, ‘Half Girlfriend’, ‘MS Dhoni’, ‘Notebook’, ‘Sanam Re’, ‘Saina’.

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has been accused

Lyricist Manoj Muntashir has also faced controversies. Last year, he was accused of stealing poetry. This issue became quite viral on social media. Manoj Muntashir was accused on social media that a poem ‘Call me’ from one of his book ‘Meri Fitrat Hai Mastana’, which came in the year 2019, has been written by someone else and he translated it in Hindi and printed it in his book. Is. Apart from this, he was also accused of copying the song ‘Teri Mitti’. However, Manoj Muntashir had said on this, ‘If ‘Teri Mitti’ turns out to be a copy of a song, he will stop writing forever.’ The film ‘Saina’ released in 2021, this film is a biopic of badminton player Saina Nehwal. Parineeti Chopra played the role of Saina Nehwal in this film.


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