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Sajid Khan: Touching someone inappropriately, a stupid demand from someone! Sajid Khan was accused of sexual harassment by not one but many women

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Salman Khan’s hosting reality show Bigg Boss can’t happen and there should be no controversy, this time there has been a lot of uproar since the entry of Sajid Khan in Bigg Boss 16. Not only the Big Boss show but people on social media are also criticizing the channel. Let us tell you that during the ‘MeToo’ campaign against director Sajid Khan, many women have made serious allegations and there is a lot of ruckus about this. Let us inform that not one or two but nine women have accused Sajid Khan of misbehavior, harassment etc.

Mandana Karimi

As soon as Sajid Khan entered Bigg Boss, the issue of MeToo has once again deepened, and the actresses who accused him have become vocal again. Actress Mandana Karimi has been in constant discussion ever since Sajid Khan entered Bigg Boss. Mandana is one of the actresses who accused Sajid Khan of harassment during MeToo. During an interview, the actress said that there is no respect for women in the industry. He has even announced to leave the film industry due to the inclusion of Sajid Khan as a participant in Bigg Boss.

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Jiah Khan’s sister Karishma Khan

Late actress Jiah Khan’s sister Karishma Khan had also accused Sajid Khan of sexually harassing her and her sister. Jiah’s sister Karishma had mentioned that, ‘The rehearsals were going on and she (Jia) was reading the script and she (Sajid Khan) asked her to take off her top and undergarments. He didn’t understand what to do. He said that the film has not even started yet and all this is happening. She came home and cried a lot.

Aahana Kumra

Actress Aahana Kumra of the film ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ is also among the women who have accused Sajid Khan of sexual harassment during the MeToo campaign. He had told that Sajid Khan had asked him very stupid questions by taking him to a dark room. Apart from this, it also said that if you want to become a heroine in mainstream films, then you will have to laugh at the vulgar jokes. Ahana had alleged that when she had once returned to meet Sajid, Sajid had messaged her saying that you look very hot in a bikini. Apart from this, Ahana had made many serious allegations.

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Sherlin Chopra

After Karisma Khan’s allegations against Karisma Khan, actress and model Sherlyn Chopra also made serious allegations against Sajid Khan. Sherlyn had narrated the story of sexual harassment with her by tweeting.


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