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The beauty of ‘Beauty Circus’ symbolizes female power: Deepu Moni

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Published: 08 October 2022, 15:46

Minister of Education Dr. Dipu Moni MP said, the beauty of ‘Beauty Circus’ is a symbol of female power, a symbol of courage and also a symbol of the spirit of our liberation war.

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He watched the film produced by Mahmud Didar at Bashundhara Star Cineplex in the capital on Thursday (October 06) evening. After watching the movie, Deepu Moni praised the movie to the journalists.

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He said, “Beauty Circus’ is a movie to watch with bated breath.

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The education minister said that women are the biggest victims of communalism and the protesting character in the beauty circus is also a woman. ‘Beauty Circus’ is a remarkable protest against communalism.

At that time, the film’s director Mahmud Didar, cinematographer Ferdous, veteran film director Sohanur Rahman Sohan and the crew of the film were present.

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Meanwhile, the film was released from the theaters after the second week of its release. Cineplex authorities said that the film will be seen again in theaters after a week break.

Impress Telefilm co-produced the government-funded film ‘Beauty Circus’. The film, dedicated to Bashundhara Gunda Mashala, was released on September 23.

‘Beauty Circus’ is the story of an indomitable woman’s struggle for survival and revenge as a circus ringleader. Jaya Ahsan, Ferdous Ahmed, Taukir Ahmed, ABM Sumon, Gazi Rakayet, Humayun Sadhu and many others acted in the movie.

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