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These famous TV actresses have become victims of casting couch, the dark truth of the industry will fly away

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Our Bollywood industry has been entertaining people for over 100 years. From the big screen to the small screen, the world of cinema has changed the lives of the stars who come in it by making acting their passion. But to reach the floor from the floor, many stars have sacrificed everything here. This is disclosed from time to time. Our cinema industry is as colorful as it looks from outside, it is as dark inside and one of the secrets of this deep world is the casting couch. This is such a dark truth of the cinema industry, which is very difficult to deny. While some actresses keep silence on the crime that happened to them, from time to time many actresses have been seen talking about it. Recently, many actresses have spoken out loudly on the casting couch. In this report, we are going to tell you about the same actresses who have made shocking revelations on the casting couch.

Kaveri Priyam

Kaveri Priyam, who made a household name by starring in TV’s popular serial ‘Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke’, has shared her horrific experience of casting couch in a recent interview. The actress said that she had to go through a lot in the industry before making her debut, due to which her morale in Mayanagari was completely broken. Yes, Kaveri while expressing her pain and revealing the dark reality of the acting world said, she was given an obscene offer for a role by a casting director, which made her quite uncomfortable. She was so broken after this incident that her tears could not stop. However, she did not fall into the director’s trap.

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Ratan Rajput

Actress Ratan Rajput, who became famous on the small screen with serials like ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’ and ‘Santoshi Maa’, has also become a victim of casting couch. Yes, just a few days back, the actress exposed the dark truth of casting couch through one of her vlogs. At the time of her struggle, Ratan wanted to make a career in Bollywood before TV. Recalling her same days, Ratan had told that, ’14 years ago today, she had gone to a producer whose age was 60-65 years. She had put such a dirty demand in front of many Ratan asking for work, which she was surprised to hear. Not only this, when Ratan told him of his father’s age, he said- ‘Listen, if my daughter also became an actress, I would have slept with her too.’

Shama Sikander

Bold actress Shama Sikander, who has shown her power from TV to Bollywood, does not need any recognition. She often dominates social media due to her bold and glamorous pictures. But Shama Sikander, who has proved herself on every platform, has also experienced the casting couch in the industry. The actress had recently made a shocking revelation on the casting couch. Shama had said in an interview that some famous producers and directors had tried to make her their friend. The actress had said, ‘I used to think that instead of work, he really wanted sex.’

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urfi javed

The name of Urfi Javed, who has made headlines on social media due to his strange and strange dressing sense, is also included in this list. Urfi Javed, who often gave a befitting reply to trolls, also spoke openly on the casting couch a few days ago. Urfi, who has worked in many TV serials, had told that this has happened to her a couple of times. But she is very smart and does not fall into such traps.


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