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Video Interview: Ayan Mukerji said, ‘Making children’s weapons for the film ‘Brahmastra’, the biggest reward for me’

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Director Ayan Mukerji, who has been impressed by the stories of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Harry Potter series, is now trying to keep both the sequels of the film trilogy ‘Brahmastra’ as close to Indian culture, folk tales and legends as possible. With the success of the film ‘Brahmastra Part One Shiva’ established, work on its second episode has started in Ayan’s office. Ayan, who had an exclusive on-camera conversation with ‘Amar Ujala’ even before the release of the film, invited ‘Amar Ujala’ to his office this time. Along with this, the stars of the film ‘Brahmastra Part One Shiva’ Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were also there. The trio spoke candidly about the upcoming films of this film series and their experiences in the making of the film ‘Brahmastra Part One Shiva’ with the Consultant Editor of ‘Amar Ujala’.

The biggest compliment is that kids like the movie

During this video interview, all the three stars were seen quite irresponsible. Ayan Mukerji has admitted that he is seriously considering any flaws or complaints he is getting from the audience during the making of the film ‘Brahmastra Part One Shiva’. He also talked about continuously working on his own language and dialect and he was also seen continuously improving Hindi. Ayan’s dream has been to turn this series into a film culture that today’s children can watch as they grow up. He says, “It is a different feeling to have children make tridents out of paper and take them with them while going to the movies. This is the biggest love for the film ‘Brahmastra Part One Shiva’ and this is the biggest compliment.’

Alia narrates her love story

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The film ‘Brahmastra Part One: Shiva’ is also a story of being the biggest weapon of love in a way. Alia also tells about the oozing seen on Alia’s face while taking fire rounds with Ranbir in the song ‘Deva Deva’ from the film, ‘We shot this scene in the year 2018 and it was a one night shoot for which I wanted to go to Bulgaria. Shooting of many of my films was going on that year and I could only get time to meet Ranbir during the shooting of the film ‘Brahmastra Part One: Shiva’. So I didn’t have time that day to speak my mind and whatever I was feeling, you are telling the truth that this scene also caught the camera’s grip.’

Characters will change with time

Alia also believes that post marriage or a result of the experiences that come with ageing, she is now more conscious about her characters than ever before. She says, ‘Being a daughter-in-law of a daughter has its own effect. But, I feel that the one change that is taking place in my personality as I get older is being understood by me and my fans too. Now I am also changing my attitude towards choosing my characters in films. The characters in my upcoming films will obviously not look like my earlier films.

Shiva and Parvati are our idols

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Ranbir Kapoor looked quite comfortable and happy during this conversation. He also spoke openly about the failure of his previous film ‘Shamshera’. When it comes to the love story of Shiva and Isha in the film, Ranbir says, “Shiva and Isha are two fictional characters on screen. The story of their love may not be the story of our life but yes I know the love story of Shiva and Parvati. This is such a love story which may not be possible for us to adopt but we can try to be like them. Regarding the boycott trend that started before the release of the film ‘Brahmastra Part One: Shiva’, Ranbir says, ‘As an actor or a director, our job is to make better films. The love that the audience got for the film ‘Brahmastra Part One: Shiva’ is the answer.’


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